Founded back in 2007 by a team of experts with extensive experience and background in microelectronics, digital TV broadcasting, cryptography, Internet technologies and software engineering, BestCAS Ltd. main focus is to provide specialized state-of-the art technology solutions and services to cable, DTH, IPTV operators, broadcasters and content owners. Our products are intuitive, easy to install, use and operate and incorporate the latest innovations in DVB Standards reflecting our partners’ ever growing need for technological efficiency.

One advantage of being a smaller company with a young and dynamic team of professionals is the ability to be flexible in responding to all applicable forms of requests for product development, implementation and support. Due to our extensive knowledge of DVB technologies, our services also include consulting PayTV network operators worldwide on different system setups and projects, where our portfolio of products could bring added value to their services, protecting and enriching the supplied content and maximizing ARPU values at their DVB networks. We are proud that our result-oriented team of professionals is the engine that drives our motivation for success through achievement of full customer satisfaction and product reliability.

The Mission of BestCAS is to always provide effective, customizable and highly secure solutions, which offer added value to our clients current PayTV establishments at affordable price levels. Our team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in digital video broadcasting, cryptographic systems and algorithms has developed a portfolio of products, designed to meet the ever growing need for digitalization of PayTV networks, incorporating the latest technologies in the field and in the same time are cleverly designed to be easy to operate, maintain and monitor using an intuitive web-based back-office management system. Our motivation is our customers’ success, which fuels the constant strive for working hard on making our products better, trusted and more secure. It is our belief that such qualities combined with our extensive attention to detail are vital and will help us stay among the leading providers of digital content protection and DVB security solutions worldwide.